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    Note: some data are of constant value, while other are due to changes, fluctuations etc.
    State and population
    capital: Sacramento // state code ISO: CA ; FIPS: US06
    surface: 403972 = 155978 sq.mi // rank in USA: 3 // location: Western Coast
    climate: moderate temperatures along the coast; extremes in the interior
    entered USA as 31st state on: 1850-09-09
    administrative division: 58 counties
    total population according to the census of 2000: 33,871,648
    population density 2000: 84 per = 217 per sq.mi // net growth 1999-2000: 14%
    main ethnic groups: white 60%; black 7%; Asian 11%; Native American/Nat. AK: 1%; other 22%
    Economy and infrastructure
    chief crops/farm products: milk & cream, grapes, cotton, flowers, oranges, rice, nursery products
    livestock (million): cattle: 5,2 / pigs: 0,15 / poultry: 30 / sheep: 0,84
    timber/lumber: fir, pine, redwood, oak
    chief industries: agriculture, tourism, apparel, electronics, telecommunications, entertainment
    chief indust. products: electronic & electrical equip., computers, industrial machinery, transportation
    chief mining products: portland cement, sand & gravel, boron, crushed stone, gold
    Some physical landmarks
    highest point in the state: Mt. Whitney 4418 m = 14494 ft
    other mountains: Mt. Williamson 4381 m, Mt. Darwin 4341 m, Mt. Shasta 4317 m
    lowest point in the state: -86 m (Death Valley)
    lakes: Salton Sea, Lake Tahoe, Goose L., Clear L., Mono L., Honey L., Eagle L., L. Berryessa
    artificial lakes: Shasta L., Clear Engle L., L. Almanor, San Luis Res., L. Oroville, Clear Lake Res.
    rivers: Sacramento, San Joaquin
    islands: Santa Catalina, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz // deserts: Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert
    Additional remarks, especially on the statistical information
    other important features:
    nick name(s): Golden State
    motto: Eureka (I have found it)
    song: I love you, California
    flower: Golden poppy // bird: California valley quail // tree: California redwood
    primary sources:
    World almanac and book of facts; National Geographic Atlas of the World; maps: WN world @tlas

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