explanation of the abbreviations of the sources
used for the data on this "Populstat" website

Among the many sources of statistical data, some figures have been given an abbreviation denoting the source.
In some cases the used sources are diverse, so "DV" is given. I also make use of data and sources friendly supplied by colleagues on the field of historical demography like Uli Buys and Gwillim Law.
When specific sources have been used an explanation is given in the files concerned.
Explanation of the abbreviations of the sources frequently used:

AG    =Almanach de Gotha /or:/ Gothaischer Hofkalender (1838-1944)
BB **   =Britannica book of the year : world data (1997)
BE    =Kurt Witthauer. Bevölkerung der Erde (1958)
CA    =Calendario atlante de Agostini, anno 99 (2003)
CG ***   =The Columbia gazetteer of the world (1998)
CE    =The Council of Europe statistical publications (1994)
DV    =diverse - not specified - books and periodicals
DY    =Demographic yearbook / United Nations (195X-)
EA    =The Economist atlas (1989)
EB    =Encyclopaedia Britannica world atlas (1947)
EU    =Eurostat publications (199X-)
EV **   =The Economist book of vital world statistics (1990)
EW **   =Europa world year book (1996)
FW    =Der Fischer Weltalmanach 25 (1984)
FB    =Freytag-Berndt's Weltatlas und Lexikon (1925)
GL *   =Administrative subdivisions of countries / Gwillim Law (1999)
HT    =Otto Hübner's geographisch-statistische Tabellen aller Länder der Erde (1917/20)
HB    =Hickmann. Bevölkerung der Erde (1939)
HC *   =Hammond citation world atlas (1998)
HG    =Hickmann's geographisch-statistischer Welt-Atlas (1931)
HA    =Huizinga. Internationaal aardrijkskundig woordenboek (1958)
HW *   =Hammond world atlas (1976)
IA ***   =The international atlas (1972, 1999)
KA    =Key indicators Asian Pacific countries (1993, 1995)
KB    =A hundred year (1890-1990) database for integrated environmental assessments /
C.G.M. Klein Goldewijk and J.J. Battjes (1997)
LB    =Länderberichte / Statistisches Bundesamt (1985-1996)
MI *   =B. R. Mitchell. International historical statistics (ed. 3 + 4)
MW *   =Merriam-Webster's geographical dictionary. 3rd ed. (1997)
OD *   =Oxford dictionary of the world (1995)
OF    =Oizon. Dictionnaire géographique de la France (1979)
PC    =Pears cyclopedia (1993/94)
PD    =Parisot. Dictionnaire géographique universelle (1836)
PG **   =Philip's geographical digest (1996)
PM    =Petermann's geographische Mitteilungen (1970-1980)
PW **   =Philip's world handbook (1993)
RL    =Ritter's geographisch-statistisches Lexikon (1910)
SH    =Stefan Helders' site "World gazetteer", see the page of "links"
SL    =Spectrum landen encyclopedie (1984)
SW    =Statesman's year-book world gazetteer. 4th ed. (1991)
SY    =Statesman's yearbook (1930-2001)
TB    =Thomas Brinkhoff's site "City population", see the page of "links"
VD    =Kurt Witthauer. Verbreitung und Dynamik der Bevölkerung der Erde (1969)
WA    =World almanac and book of facts (1977, 2002)
WB    =World Bank atlas (1984-2000)
WG    =Webster's new geographical dictionary. 2nd ed. (1972)
WN    =Wolters-Noordhoff wereld@tlas. 4th ed. (2001), cd-rom
WW    =Webersik. Geographisch-statistisches Weltlexikon (1908)
WP    =Winkler Prins encyclopedie (7th ed., 1966-1975)
WR **   =World reference atlas / Dorling-Kindersley (1994)

Copyright permissions of the above mentioned recent [published after 1975] publications were rejected (marked with ***), pending (marked with **) or obtained (marked with *).

Obtained copyright permissions are:
HC: "Hammond Citation World Atlas. Cop. 1998 by Hammond World Atlas Corporation."
HW: "Hammond Standard World Atlas. Cop. 1976 by Hammond World Atlas Corporation."
MI: "B. R. Mitchell. International historical statistics (ed. 3 + 4), for the population tables in chapters A1, A3, A4, A5. © 1998-1999 by Palgrave Publishers."
MW: "By permission. From Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary. Third Edition cop. 1997 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated."

Certain recent figures (mostly since 1990) were obtained from some internet sites like: SH: © by Stefan Helders TB: © by Thomas Brinkhoff

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