historical demographical data of the urban centers

PLACE NAMEtypevariants of the namec2000c1990c1980c1970c1960c1950c1940c1930c1920e1916c1910e1906c1900particularselevationfound.yrposition
(- city)town
Barre9,39,59,810,210,410,910,911,310,012,110,711,08,4incorporated as a city 1894186settled late 18th cent.4412N 7230W
BenningtonMCD15,716,514,613,011,37,65,7chartered town 1749208settled 17614253N 7312W
BrattleboroMCDBrattleborough12,012,211,912,211,79,65,3chartered town 1753734251N 7337W
Burlington38,939,137,738,635,533,227,724,822,821,620,521,118,6incorporated as a city 186561settled 17734429N 7313W
ColchesterMCD17,014,78,84,73,05,1included Winooski until 19224433N 7312W
EssexMCDEssex Centre18,616,511,07,13,1chartered town 1783settled 17634430N 7303W
HartfordMCD10,49,46,56,40,70,7settled 17654339N 7223W
Montpelier8,08,28,28,68,88,68,07,87,16,3incorporated as a city 1855; state capital since 18051604416N 7234W
Rutland17,318,218,419,318,317,717,117,315,014,813,512,011,5incorporated as a city 1892198settled ca. 17704336N 7258W
South Burlington15,812,810,710,06,91,7incorporated as a city 19714427N 7313W
SpringfieldMCD9,19,610,19,95,20,5chartered town 17611254317N 7228W

Source indicated by "CB" means: US Bureau of the Census ; "RA" = Rand McNally road atlas; "WA" = World almanac and book of facts.

Types of city: MCD = minor civil division.
Included are cities and MCD's with about 10,000 or more inhabitants in 2000.
File created on 2003.01.30 and last modified on 2003.03.06 by Jan Lahmeyer

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