historical demographical data of the urban centers

PLACE NAMEvariants of the namec2000c1990c1980c1970c1960c1950c1940c1930e1925c1920e1916c1910e1905c1900particularselevationfound.yr
Aberdeen24,725,026,023,523,121,117,016,515,014,511,810,85,83,2incorporated city 1882396settled 1880
Brookings18,516,315,013,710,67,85,32,3incorporated city 1883495ca. 1880
Huron11,912,413,014,314,212,810,810,910,28,36,12,8incorporated city 1883389settled 1879
Mitchell14,613,813,913,412,612,110,610,910,18,57,86,55,74,1incorporated city 1881394
Pierre13,912,912,09,710,15,74,33,73,63,23,03,2incorporated city 1883452ca. 1820
Rapid City59,654,546,543,842,425,313,810,47,55,84,31,3incorporated city 18829901876
Sioux FallsFort Dakota124,0100,881,372,565,552,740,833,430,125,220,914,112,310,3incorporated as village 1877; as city 18834261856;1865
Vermillion9,810,09,69,16,15,33,31,5incorporated city 18733401835
Watertown20,217,615,613,414,112,710,610,210,39,48,37,03,4incorporated city 1885530
Yankton13,512,712,011,99,37,76,86,15,55,04,83,84,24,1incorporated city 18693671858

Source indicated by "CB" means: US Bureau of the Census ; "RA" = Rand McNally road atlas; "WA" = World almanac and book of facts.

Included are cities with about 10,000 or more inhabitants in 2000.
Due to the use of several sources small differences in figures might occur compared with the data in the table of the greater urban settlements of the USA.
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