historical demographical data of the urban centers

PLACE NAMEvariants of the namec2000c1990c1980c1970c1960c1950c1940c1930c1920e1916/17c1910e1906/07c1900particularselevationfound.yr
Bismarck55,549,344,534,727,718,615,511,17,16,35,43,3capital since 1883; incorporated city 18735121830's
Dickinson16,016,115,912,410,07,55,80,9incorporated city 1919737
Fargo90,674,161,353,446,738,332,628,622,020,514,313,19,6incorporated city 18752741871
Grand ForksGrandes Fourches49,349,443,839,034,526,820,217,114,013,57,7incorporated city 1881254
Jamestown15,515,616,315,415,210,78,82,9incorporated city 18814311871
Mandan16,715,215,511,110,57,36,71,3incorporated city 1883; agglomeration of Bismarck520
Minot36,634,532,832,330,622,016,616,110,50,6incorporated city 1887485
West Fargo14,912,310,15,23,3agglomeration of Fargo280
Williston12,513,113,311,311,97,45,8incorporated city 19045741887

Source indicated by "CB" means: US Bureau of the Census ; "RA" = Rand McNally road atlas; "WA" = World almanac and book of facts.

Included are cities with 10,000 or more inhabitants in 2000.
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