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  • General useful information
    Note: some data are of constant value, while other are due to changes, fluctuations etc.
    State and population
    capital: Hartford // state code ISO: CT ; FIPS: US09
    surface: 12549 = 4846 sq.mi // rank in USA: 48 // location: New England NE
    climate: moderate; winters avg. slightly below freezing; warm, humid summers
    entered USA as 5th state ratifying the Constitution on: 1788-01-09
    administrative division: 8 counties
    total population according to the census of 2000: 3,405,565
    population density 2000: 271 per = 703 per sq.mi // net growth 1999-2000: 3,6%
    main ethnic groups: white 82%; black 9%; Asian 2,5%; other 6%
    Economy and infrastructure
    chief crops: nursery stock, Christmas trees, mushrooms, vegetables, sweet corn, tobacco, apples
    livestock (million): cattle: 0,06 / pigs: 0,004 / poultry: 4
    timber/lumber: oak, birch, beech, maple
    chief industries: manufacturing, retail trade, government, services, finances, insurance, real estate
    chief industrial products: aircraft engines, submarines, helicopters, machinery, electronics
    chief mining products: crushed stone, sand & gravel, dimension stone, clays, gemstones
    Some physical landmarks
    highest point in the state: Mt. Frissell 725 m = 2380 ft
    other mountains: Bald Pk, Bear Mt., Bald Mt., Bradford Mt., Mohawk Mt.
    lowest point in the state: sea level
    lakes: Lake Candlewood
    artificial lakes: Mansfield Hollow Lake, Thomaston Res.
    rivers: Connecticut, Thames, Housatonic
    others: islands: some small islets along the SW coast // deserts: none
    Additional remarks, especially on the statistical information
    other important features:
    nick name(s): Constitution State, Nutmeg State
    motto: Qui Transtulit Sustinet (He who transplanted still sustains)
    song: Yankee Doodle
    flower: Mountain laurel // bird: American robin // tree: White oak
    primary sources:
    World almanac and book of facts; National Geographic Atlas of the World; maps: WN world @tlas

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