historical demographical data of the urban centers

PLACE NAMEtypevariants of the namec2000c1990c1980c1970c1960c1950c1940c1930c1920e1916/17c1910e1906/07c1900c1890c1880c1870c1860particularselevationfound.yr
(- city)
Arvada102,289,284,646,819,21,50,3agglomeration of Denver1672inc. city 1904
Aurora276,4222,1158,675,048,511,43,4incorporated city 1903; agglomeration of Denver16281890s
Boulder94,785,176,766,937,720,013,011,211,011,76,21634inc. city 1871
Brighton20,914,212,88,37,14,34,00,31519inc. city 1887
Castle Rock20,28,73,91,51,20,70,61890
Colorado SpringsFountain Colony360,9281,1215,1135,170,245,536,833,230,133,029,129,321,111,14,2incorporated city 188618311871
Commerce CityCommerce Town21,016,516,217,49,0agglomeration of Denver1570
Denver554,6467,6492,7514,7493,9415,8322,4287,9256,5260,8213,4151,9133,9106,735,64,84,7incorporated city 186115851860
Englewood31,729,430,033,733,416,99,7agglomeration of Denver1617inc. city 1903
Fort Collins118,787,864,643,325,014,912,311,52,0incorporated city 188315211864
Grand Junction42,032,928,120,218,714,512,53,51401inc. city 1891
Greeley76,960,553,038,926,320,416,03,0incorporated city 188514221870
Highlands RanchCDP70,910,2
Ken CarylCDP30,924,4
Lafayette23,214,79,03,52,62,10,4agglomeration of Denver1596inc. city 1890
Lakewood144,1126,5113,883,0> 50,0agglomeration of Denver1658inc. city 1969
Littleton40,333,728,626,513,73,42,20,3incorporated city 1890; agglomeration of Denver1812
Longmont71,152,042,923,211,57,42,21517inc. city 1885
Loveland50,637,430,216,29,76,10,71518inc. city 1881
NorthglennNorth Glenn31,627,229,827,9agglomeration of Denver1664
Pueblo102,198,6101,797,891,263,752,250,143,154,541,730,828,2incorporated city 188514331842
Security-WidefieldCDP29,823,815,39,0agglomeration of Colorado Springs1747
Thornton82,455,040,313,311,4agglomeration of Denver1606inc. city 1956
Westminster 100,974,650,219,413,90,5agglomeration of Denver1609inc. city 1911

Source indicated by "CB" means: US Bureau of the Census ; "RA" = Rand McNally road atlas; "WA" = World almanac and book of facts.

Type of city: CDP = census designated places.
Included are cities with 20,000 or more inhabitants in 2000.
Due to the use of several sources small differences in figures might occur compared with the data in the table of the greater urban settlements of the USA.
File created on 2002.12.30; last modified on 2003.02.14 by Jan Lahmeyer

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