historical demographical data of the urban centers

PLACE NAMEtypevariants of the namec2000c1990c1980c1970c1960c1950c1940c1930e1925c1920e1916/17c1910e1906/07c1900particularselevationfound.yrposition
(- city)
Casper49,646,851,039,438,923,718,016,623,311,40,5incorporated city in 1889156118884249N 10619W
Cheyenne53,050,047,340,943,531,922,517,413,213,89,711,320,014,1incorporated city in 1868184818674108N 10447W
EvanstonBear River City11,510,96,44,54,93,93,62,1incorporated city in 18882057settled 18694115N 11057W
Gillette19,617,512,17,23,62,22,20,213854416N 10531W
Green River11,812,712,84,23,5ca. 3,02,61,4incorporated city in 1891185918684131N 10928W
Laramie27,226,724,423,117,515,610,68,69,64,98,212,06,4incorporated city in 18742184settled 18684118N 10534W
Rock Springs18,719,119,511,710,410,99,88,46,96,55,74,4incorporated city in 18881911settled in 1860s4136N 10913W
Sheridan15,813,915,110,911,711,510,58,58,49,28,98,40,3incorporated city in 188411414447N 10657W

Source indicated by "CB" means: US Bureau of the Census ; "RA" = Rand McNally road atlas; "WA" = World almanac and book of facts.

Included are cities with about 10,000 or more inhabitants in 2000.
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