historical demographical data of the urban centers

PLACE NAMEprovincevariants of the namee1993e1990e1985e1980c1974e1965e1961/62e1959e1956e1950e1935e1930e1910e1900e1890e1885particularselevation
Aba as Sa'ud> see:Najran
AbhaAS*Ebha, Ibha, Manadhir, Menadir112,330,22170
Abu ArishJZAbu al 'Arish35,17,57,5
Ad-Dammâm> see:Dammâm
Al-Bâhah> see:Bâhah
Al-Hawtah> see:Hillah
Al-Hillah> see:Hillah
Al-Hubar> see:Khubar
Al-Hufûf> see:Hufûf
Al-Jawf> see:Jauf
Al-Khubar> see:Khubar
Al-Madînah> see:Madînah
Al-Mubarraz> see:Mubarraz
Al-Qatif> see:Qatif
Anaiza> see:'Unayzah
Ar-Riyad> see:Riyadh
At-Tâ'if> see:Tâ'if
Az-Zahrân> see:Zahrân
BâhahBAAl-Bâhah, Al-Bâha15,6
BuraydahQS*Buraidah, Buraida255,869,950,030,040,020,020,015,024,015,0520
Dar'iyahNJ23,510,0capital of the first Saudi state
Dhahran> see:Zahrân
Djeddah> see:Jiddah
Djissan> see:Jîzân
Djof> see:Jauf
Dûmat al-Jandal> see:Jauf
Ebha> see:Abha
Er-Riad> see:Riyadh
Gedda> see:Jiddah
Gidda> see:Jiddah
Gizan> see:Jîzân
Hâ'ilHA*Hayil, Hayel176,840,520,020,04,020,0
Hamîs Mu`sait> see:Khamîs Mushayt
Hasa> see:Hufûf
Hauta> see:Hillah
Hawtah> see:Hillah
Hayil> see:Hâ'il
HillahNJHauta, Haouta, Al-Hawtah, Al-Hillah12,010,0
Hofuf> see:Hufûf
Hubar> see:Khubar
HufûfSHAl-Hufûf, Hofuf, Hasa225,8101,385,083,0100,0105,030,030,015,0
Ibha> see:Abha
JaufJFDjof, Al-Jawf, Dûmat al-Jandal, Jauf al Amir5,010,05,05,0
Jeddah> see:Jiddah
JiddahMKJeddah, Jedda, Djeddah, Juddah, Gedda, Gidda2058,01800,01300,0561,1194,0280,0148,0120,080,040,025,025,030,028,030,0administrative capital0
JîzânJZ*Djissan, Gizan, Qizan32,88,08,08,00
Juddah> see:Jiddah
Katif> see:Qatif
Khamîs MushaytASKhamis-Mushait, Hamîs Mu`sait, Khmis Mushit217,949,6
KhubarSHAl-Khubar, Al-Khobar, Al-Hubar141,748,80
Macoraba> see:Makkah
MadînahMD*Medina, Al-Madînah, Yathrib608,2290,0198,2100,060,050,030,051,030,030,040,048,040,020,0holy city of the Islam; arrival of Mohammed on 622.09.22 is beginning of Islam calendar639
MakkahMK*Mecca, Mekka, Macoraba966,4550,0366,8185,0159,0150,0150,080,070,070,060,080,045,0holy pilgrimage city of the Islam; birthplace of Mohammed in 570; great mosque with Ka'aba328
Manadhir> see:Abha
Mecca> see:Makkah
Medina> see:Madînah
Mekka> see:Makkah
Menadir> see:Abha
MubarrazSHAl-Mubarraz, Al-Mobarraz54,320,020,020,0agglomeration of Hufûf
NajrânNJ*Aba as Sa'ud91,047,5
QatifSHAl-Qatif, Katif98,96,06,0
Qizan> see:Jîzân
RiyâdhRI*Ar-Riyâdh, Riaad, Riad, Er-Riad3000,01975,01800,01250,0666,8225,0169,0120,0100,0120,030,020,028,030,0royal capital585
SakâkahJFSkaka, Sakâkâ10,08,08,0
Skaka> see:Sakâkah
'UnayzahQSAnaiza, Aneiza, Unaiza91,150,025,025,015,015,010,030,010,0
Yathrib> see:Madînah
ZahrânSHAz-Zahrân, Dhahran73,712,5

Dashes above vowels as diactritic marks are not correctly shown, they are poorly replaced by accent acute. Points under consonants are not placed at all.
The articles like "Ad", "Al", "Ar" and "Az" have no influence on the alphabetical order of the names; they have been ignored, but "see"-references are made.
There are no reliable figures before 1950. In all sources used there are only rough estimates that differ too much from each other.
The estimated figures of the year 1993 - source CG - could well be for agglomerations, or in some cases oasis included. In this column the figure for Riyâdh is the estimated population in 1997.
First input on 2001.08.22 by Jan Lahmeyer

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