historical demographical data of the urban centers

PLACE NAMEprovincevariants of the namee2002pe1999e1998e1996c1994e1993e1991ue1990e1989e1989e1986e1985e19801979?c1979e1970e1967?e1966e1964e1961e1956?e1952e1940/41particularselevationfound.yr
source:*=capitalSHSYSJ/sub-distr.CGBB,SH,TBCG/aggl.EWLB/aggl.IALB/aggl.LBLBSYHCLBDVHWSYWGDVHAMIMIin m
Abo NusayrAM18,9
Abu ´AlandahAM31,324,2agglomeration of 'Ammân
Akaba> see:'Aqaba
'AqabaAQ*Akaba, Al-'Aqabah, Elath, Aelana95,680,152,062,866,946,144,137,435,827,015,010,08,90
Al-'Aqabah> see:'Aqaba
Al Baq'ahBA67,670,058,664,0agglomeration of 'Ammân
Al JubayhahAM48,437,4agglomeration of 'Ammân
Al-JuwayyidahAM16,8agglomeration of 'Ammân
Al KarakKA*El Kerak, Kir Moab, Krak22,759,719,018,610,07,4
Al MafraqMA*63,4100,136,038,4109,889,977,128,027,021,315,59,5695
Al Muqabalayn> see:Umm Qusayr & Al Muqabalayn
Al QuwaysimahAM33,425,9agglomeration of 'Ammân
'AmmânAM*Rabbah Ammon, Rabbath Amon, Philadelphia1252,91378,0817,81183,0969,6936,5965,0936,3833,5777,0711,9623,9520,7330,2321,0246,5170,0103,012,0758Prehistoric
'Ammân (agglomeration)AM2524,31809,81415,01307,01315,01213,31625,01089,71232,6648,6570,0918
'Ammân New Camp> see:Wahdat
Ar RamthaIREr Remte, ar-Ramthâ68,755,066,061,135,534,227,119,010,8agglomeration of Irbid564
Ar RusayfahAZEr Ruseifa192,2137,2131,1115,572,665,663,149,96,2agglomeration of 'Ammân
As SaltBA*Es Salt65,1116,9188,6178,0162,947,6148,642,741,233,024,016,2835
As SarihIR16,0
At TafîlahAT*Tafile, Tafileh27,743,115,020,939,417,04,51006
'Ayn al BashaBA21,3
Az ZarqâAZ*Ez Zarqa', Zarka, ez-Zerkâ, Zerqa491,3414,0350,8623,5359,0515,0318,1436,4285,0274,3269,8263,4216,1208,0121,3112,096,1agglomeration of 'Ammân; Zarqa refugee camp nearby (1996: 23,0)618
Baq'ah, Al -> see:Al Baq'ah
El Kerak> see:Al Karak
Er Remte> see:Ar Ramtha
Er Ruseifa> see:Ar Rusayfah
Es Salt> see:As Salt
Ez Zarqa', ez-Zerkâ> see:Az Zarqâ
Hilda> see:Khildâ
HosonIR16,3agglomeration of Irbid
IrbidIR*260,0170,0208,2216,0314,7167,8291,0150,0144,7140,0136,8113,0110,061,044,7nearby refugee camps (1996): Husn 22,0 and Irbid 30,0528
Irbid (agglomeration)IR555,8346,8381,3399,2
Jabal e-HusseinAM?50,0agglomeration of 'Ammân; refugee camp
JarashJA*Jerash, Geresh, Gerasa26,3120,821,329,03,8nearby refugee camps (1996): Souf 15,0 and Gaza 18,0536
Jubayhah, Al -> see:Al Jubayhah
Juwayyidah, Al -> see:Al-Juwayyidah
Karak, Al -> see:Al Karak
KhildâAMHilda, Khilda & Tila' al-'Ali46,536,0agglomeration of 'Ammân
Khuraybat as SuqAM20,8
Kir Moab> see:Al Karak
Krak> see:Al Karak
Mafraq, Al -> see:Al Mafraq
Marj al-HamamAM16,6agglomeration of Wâdî as-Sîr
Mshairfet Ra's al-AynAZ41,6agglomeration of Az Zarqâ
Muqabalayn, AL -> see:Umm Qusayr & Al Muqabalayn
Mukhayyam Hetten> see:Schneller
Na'oorAM32,830,1agglomeration of 'Ammân
Quwaysimah, Al -> see:Al Quwaysimah
Rabbah Ammon, Rabbath Amon> see:'Ammân
Ramtha, Ar -> see:Ar Ramtha
Rusayfah, Ar -> see:Ar Rusayfah
Ruseifa, Er -> see:Ar Rusayfah
Salt, As -> see:As Salt
Sarih, As -> see:As Sarih
SchnellerAZShniller-Mukhayyam Hetten50,035,9agglomeration of 'Ammân; refugee camp
SuwaylihAM68,853,3agglomeration of 'Ammân
Tafílah, At -> see:At Tafílah
Tila' al-'Ali> see:Khilda
Umm Qusayr & Al MuqabalaynAM19,3agglomeration of 'Ammân
Wâdî as-SîrAM115,189,124,4agglomeration of 'Ammân
Wâdî MoosaMN20,913,9
WahdatAM'Ammân New Camp60,0agglomeration of 'Ammân; refugee camp
Zarqâ, Az -> see:Az Zarqâ
Zerkâ, Zerqa> see:Az Zarqâ

Dashes above vowels as diactritic marks are not correctly shown, they are poorly replaced by accent acute. Points under consonants are not placed at all.
Source "SJ" = "Statistical yearbook Jordan".
Due to the use of several sources and the different terminology of what an urban settlement is, or an urban sub-district is, there are some strange raptures between the columns.
For the places on the "West Bank" see the separate file of the country "Palestine".
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