historical demographical data of the urban centers

PLACE NAMEprovincevariants of the namee1997c1991c1986c1981c1976c1971e1966c1961c1951?e1936c1931e1928uc1921?c1911c1901c1891c1881particularselevationfound.yr
Aberdeen> see:Xianggangzai
BeijiaoNorth Point350,0
Chiu-lung> see:Jiulong
DabuTai Po0
GuantangKwun Tong
Hsiang Kang> see:Xianggang
JiulongKowloon, Kaulun, Kaulung, Chiu-lung378,0774,8799,11500,0715,4692,8264,7350,3name means: nine dragons0
Jiulong (agglomeration)1975,32450,22200,01900,0264,0
Kaulun, Kaulung> see:Jiulong
Kowloon> see:Jiulong
Kwun Tong> see:Guantang
New Kowloon> see:Xinjiulong
Ngau Tau Kok> see:Tai Wan Tsun
North Point> see:Beijiao
QuanwanTsuen Wan, Tsun Wan, Tsun Wan Wei514,2610,5267,70
Sha Tin> see:Shatian
ShatianSha Tin355,80
Tai Po> see:Dabu
Tai Wan TsunNgau Tau Kok53,8
Tsuen Wan, Tsun Wan, Tsun Wan Wei> see:Quanwan
Tuen Mun> see:Tunmen
TunmenTuen Mun262,5
Victoria> see:Xianggang
XianggangVictoria, Hsiang Kang260,0590,8501,7521,6694,5633,0365,0378,0358,4342,0255,0168,3171,0102,0the sources used are alas not reliable enough when stating the figures:01842
Xianggang (agglomeration)1251,01183,61100,01000,01034,0438,0410,9447,8594,0466,9111,0whether it is meant for the city, its agglomeration, or the whole colony
XinjiulongNew Kowloon1526,91650,0700,01479,40
YuanlangYuen Long75,7
Yuen Long> see:Yuanlang

These seperate files of Hong Kong are only placed on this site for reasons of historical comparability.
Figures from 1997 onwards will be found in the files of China.
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