historical demographical data of the urban centers

PLACE NAMEvariants of the name c2001e1995c1991e1987c1981e1978c1971c1965c1959e1951e1945c1941c1931e1896e1891particularselevationfound. yrposition
Ad Dur
Al BudayyiBodadja8,02613N 5027E
Al HaddHedd, Hidd11,68,67,17,05,35,24,47,02614N 5039E
Al Jasrah
Al Malikiyah
Al-Manamah> see: Manama
Al-Muharraq> see: Muharraq
Al Wasmiyah
Ar-Rifa'> see: Rifa
Ar-Rifa' ash-Sharqi
Bodadja> see: Al Budayyi
Budayyi, Al -> see: Al Budayyi
Esa> see: Madinat 'Isa
Hadd, Al -> see: Al Hadd
HammadMadinat Hamad52,729,1new town2606N 5030E
Hedd> see: Al Hadd
Hidd> see: Al Hadd
Isa Town> see: Madinat 'Isa
JidhafsJiddhafs, Jidd Hafs44,833,77,211,0
Madinat Hamad> see: Hammad
Madinat 'IsaIsa Town, Madinat Esa36,834,521,310,07,5a planned new town, completed in the mid-1980s02610N 5032E
ManamaManamah, Al-Manamah153,4148,0140,4122,0108,7114,089,179,161,843,030,025,025,025,08,002613N 5035E
MuharraqAl-Muharraq, Muharrak, Moharraq91,945,361,646,148,037,634,432,325,020,022,08,002613N 5037E
RifaAr-Rifa', Riffa, Rifa'a, Ar-Rifa al Gharbi80,045,628,222,414,011,09,46,6
SitraSitrah36,802609N 5037E

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