historical demographical data of the urban centers

PLACE NAME* = Wilayatvariants of the namec1994e1989c1984c1975c1966c1956c1946c1936c1931c1926c1921c1911e1907e1900/01e1899e1890/91e1881e1820?particularselevationfound.yr
Aïn, Al -> see:Al Aïn
Al AïnSF24,8
Al Bardu> see:Bardo
Al HammaGBEl Hamma24,1
Al HammâmâtNBHammâmât, Hammamet32,830,412,57,10
Al JammSSAl Jem, El Jem, El Djem, Thysdrus12,810,76,8110
Al Jammâl> see:Jammâl
Al KâfKF*Al Kaf, El Kef, Le Kef, Al-Kef, Sicca Veneria34,527,923,214,711,28,98,57,47,4710Roman times
Al MadanîyînME*Madanîn, Médenine26,615,88,0104
Al MahdîyahMH*Mahdia35,736,825,715,910,89,28,58,6founded on site of a Roman and Phoenician settlement0912
Al ManûbaTULa Manouba31,818,714,87,4agglomeration of Tunis
Al MarsâTULa Marsa38,316,314,26,15,75,10
Al MitlawîGFMetlaoui30,012,87,1
Al MuknînSSMoknine, Mokhnine31,826,020,417,715,714,213,212,211,70
Al MunastîrMS*Monastir, Ruspina35,526,820,412,68,710,69,48,38,78,08,00Phoenician times
Al Qal'at al KabîrahSSKalaa-Kebira31,423,518,816,714,315,013,711,810,8
Al QasraynKS*Al Qasrayn, Cillium59,847,622,69,8707
Al QayrawânKR*Kairouan, Kairwân, Cyrène102,692,072,354,546,240,032,323,021,519,419,425,015,064671
Ariana> see:Aryânah
AryânahAR*Ariana, Iryânah152,7131,498,747,822,016,39,75,55,1agglomeration of Tunis
Bâgah> see:Bâjah
BâjahBJ*Bâga, Bâgah, Béja, Vacca, Vaga46,739,228,122,722,213,311,610,59,1365
BanzartBZ*Binzart, Binzert, Bizerta, Bizerte, Hippo Zarytus98,994,562,951,746,739,328,523,220,619,15,00
BardoTULe Bardo, Al Bardu72,765,749,440,716,07,11,00,8agglomeration of Tunis
Béja> see:Bâjah
Ben Arous> see:Bin `Arûs
Bin `ArûsBA*Ben Arous52,127,011,6agglomeration of Tunis
Binzart> see:Banzart
Binzert> see:Banzart
Bizerte> see:Banzart
Djem, El -> see:Al Jamm
Djemmal> see:Jammâl
Djerba> see:Hûmat as Suq
El Djem> see:Al Jamm
El Hamma> see:Al Hamma
El Kef> see:Al Kâf710
Ferryville> see:Manzil Bû Ruqayhah
Foum-Tatahouin> see:Tatâwîn
Fum Tatâwîn> see:Tatâwîn
Gabès> see:Qabis
Gafsa> see:Qafsah
Goletta> see:Halq al Wad
Goulette, La -> see:Halq al Wad
Halq al WadTULa Goulette, Halq al Oued, Goletta67,761,641,931,826,314,910,99,37,45,64,0agglomeration of Tunis0
Hamma, Al -> see:Al Hamma
Hammâm al-AnfTUHammam-Lif, Hamman Lif, Hammâm an-Nîf, Naro58,247,025,122,219,26,74,92,82,3agglomeration of Tunis0
Hammâm an-Nîf> see:Hammâm al-Anf
Hammâm SusâhSSHammâm Sousse11,99,4
Hammâmât, Al - > see:Al Hammâmât
Hammamet> see:Al Hammâmât
Hammam-Lif> see:Hammâm al-Anf
Hamman Lif> see:Hammâm al-Anf
Hawmat as-Suq> see:Hûmat as Suq
Houmt Essouk> see:Hûmat as Suq
Houmt-Souk> see:Hûmat as Suq
Hûmat as SuqMEHawmat as-Suq, Houmt-Souk, Houmt Essouk, Djerba, Jerba, Jarbah92,370,265,54,20Phoenician times
Iryânah> see:Aryânah
Jamm, Al -> see:Al Jamm
JammâlSSAl Jammâl, Djemmal, Jemmal25,815,011,29,28,28,3
Janduba> see:Jundûbah
Jarbah> see:Hûmat as Suq
Jem, Al -> see:Al Jamm
Jemmal> see:Jammâl
Jendouba> see:Jundûbah
Jerba> see:Hûmat as Suq
JundûbahJE*Jendouba, Janduba38,632,218,114,88,0165
Kâf, Al -> see:Al Kâf
Kairouan> see:Al Qayrawân
Kairwân> see:Al Qayrawân
Kalaa-Kebira> see:Al Qal'at al Kabîrah
Kasserine> see:Al Qasrayn
Kebili> see:Qbilî
Kef, Le -> see:Al Kâf
Kelibia> see:Qalîbîyah
Ksar-HellalSS23,913,912,2possible other Arab spelling: Qusûr el-Al (?); pos. nw of Al Muknîn
Ksour es-Saf> see:Qusûr as-Sâf
La Goulette> see:Halq al Wad
Le Kef> see:Al Kâf
La Manouba> see:Al Manûba
La Marsa> see:Al Marsâ
Le Bardo> see:Bardo
Madanîn> see:Al Madanîyîn
Madanîyîn, Al -> see:Al Madanîyîn
Mahdia> see:Al Mahdîyah0912
Mahdîyah, Al -> see:Al Mahdîyah
Manouba, La -> see:Al Manûba
Manzil Abu Ruqaybah> see:Manzil Bû Ruqayhah
Manzil Bûrgîbah> see:Manzil Bû Ruqayhah
Manzil Bû RuqayhahBZFerryville, Menzel Bourguiba, Manzil Abu Ruqaybah, Manzil Bûrgîbah51,442,136,734,729,46,36,14,54,3agglomeration of Banzart4
Manzil TamîmNBManzil Tamîmah, Menzel Temime23,818,913,111,48,67,86,30
Marsa, La -> see:Al Marsâ
Mateur> see:Mâtir
Maxula-RadèsTURadès30,216,813,211,14,54,03,32,6aggomeration of Tunis; other (official) Arab spelling not found yet18
Médenine> see:Al Madanîyîn
Menzel Bourguiba> see:Manzil Bû Ruqayhah
Menzel Temime> see:Manzil Tamîm
Metlaoui> see:Al Mitlawî
Mitlawî, Al -> see:Al Mitlawî
Moknine> see:Al Muknîn
Monastir> see:Al Munastîr
Muknîn, Al -> see:Al Muknîn
MsakenSSM'Saken, Msakèn41,233,628,126,121,820,118,516,616,047
Munastîr, Al -> see:Al Munastîr
Nabeul> see:Nâbul
NâbulNB*Nabeul, Neapolis48,139,530,534,114,011,09,18,57,87,00Phoenician times
NaftahGFNafta, Nefta, Nepte15,512,510,414,614,213,613,013,312,891
Nefta> see:Naftah
Qabilî> see:Qbilî
QabisGB*Gabès, Qabes, Tacape98,983,692,340,632,324,422,518,615,615,116,90Phoenician times
QafsahGF*Gafsa, Qafsa, Capsa71,758,861,042,232,424,311,311,311,87,86,4Roman settlement founded here 107 B.C.328Neolithic time
Qal'at al Kabîrah, Al -> see:Al Qal'at al Kabîrah
Qasrayn, Al -> see:Al Qasrayn
Qayrawân, Al -> see:Al Qayrawân
QbilîKB*Qabilî, Kebili, Kebilli11,830
Qusûr as-SâfSSQusûr Assâf, Ksour es-Saf, Ksour Essaf19,412,311,39,910,09,9
Qusûr el-Al (?)> see:Ksar-Hellal
Radès> see:Maxula-Radès
Ras al Jabal> see:Ras el-Jebel
Ras el-JebelBZRas el-Djebel, Ras al Jabal15,810,210,0
R'dayif, Ar -> see:Ar-R'dayif
Redeyef> see:Ar-R'dayif
SafâqisSF*Sfax, Sfakès230,9221,8231,9171,370,565,654,643,339,927,727,930,00Phoenician times
Safâqis (agglomeration)SF310,0260,0250,0
Sfax> see:Safâqis
Sîdî Bû ZaydSZ*Sidi Bou Zid, Sidi Bu Zid19,289
Sousse> see:Sûsah
SûsahSS*Sousse, Sûsa, Hadrumetum125,0100,083,569,558,248,236,628,525,321,319,88,08,00Phoenician times
Sûsah (agglomeration)SS160,082,7
Tatahouine> see:Tatâwîn
TatâwînTA*Tatahouine, Foum-Tataouin, Fum Tatâwîn30,410,43,1244
TawzarTO*Tozeur, Thosonus21,616,813,911,812,511,711,611,111,160
Toûnis> see:Tûnis
Tozeur> see:Tawzar
TûnisTU*Toûnis, Tunis, Tunes674,1620,1596,7550,4469,0410,0364,6219,6202,4186,0171,7164,5177,0170,0120,0145,0130,058Carthagian times
Tûnis (agglomeration)TU1225,0915,0642,4227,50
Zaghouan> see:Zaghwân
ZaghwânZA*Zaghouan, Ziqua10,1250
Zarzis> see:Jarjîs

Source MW: "By permission. From Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary. Third Edition cop. 1997 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated."
There are some linguistic problems in choosing a better way of spelling Arabic place names.
Dashes above vowels as diactritic marks are not correctly shown, they are poorly replaced by accent circumflex. Points or commas under consonants are not placed at all.
The articles like "Al" do influence the alphabetical order of the names in some sources.
No cross references have been made for variants of place names dating from ancient times.
Included are cities with over 10,000 inhabitants in 1956 as mentioned in source LB; or cities with over 20,000 inhabitants in 1984 according to source PG.
Source indicated by "PE" means: "Populations of the Middle East"; therefore in some cases the province code given is not the one according to the recent division
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