historical demographical data of the islands

STATEcapitalsurface/sq.kmsurface/sq.mie1999c1994e1990e1984e19801978?e1977oce1974me1972me1970e1969me1967me1961m1955?e1950e1935occodepos.particularsvariants of the name
ChuukWeno1274959,452,948,944,637,737,535,231,632,729,227,525,121,318,815,917,1CKcmain islands: Weno (Moen) islands: 18,1 sq.km / 7 sq.mi // (c1994): 15,253Truk, Hogolu, Hogoleu
KosraeLelu110427,87,47,46,35,55,54,53,6KReKusaie, Kuseie
PohnpeiPalikir34513337,033,432,026,922,319,921,223,323,720,820,118,316,414,011,111,6PPecPonape, Ascension Island
YapKolonia1194612,111,110,910,68,26,78,57,97,57,27,06,85,84,45,06,7YPwmain island: Yap, area 100,2 sq.km / 38,7 sq.mi // pop. (c1994): 6,650Uab, Waqab
TOTAL:Kolonia /or:/ Palikir701271116,3104,799,288,473,869,669,462,764,057,354,650,243,540,832,035,4mentioning all islands and atolls per group is beyond the purpose of this table

Because in the data before 1985 the figures of the Caroline Islands were used, they could include Palau (Belau) and exclude Yap.
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