historical demographical data of the administrative division

WELAYAHcapitalsurface/sq.kmsurface/sq.mie1991e1982c1979e1973e1972c1970codecodepos.particularsvariants of the name
AbalAshgabat9500037000416,4764,0391,0451,0440,0669,0AHAscarea according to source BB: 0 sq.km = 0 sq.miAshkhabad
Ashkhabad315,0272,0266,0former city region, later absorbed by Abal
BalkanNebitdag13800053000925,5326,0311,0BABwarea according to source BB: 233900 sq.km = 90300 sq.miKrasnovodsk
DashhowuzDashhovuse7400029000738,0580,0530,0447,0433,0457,0DADnarea according to source BB: 73600 sq.km = 28400 sq.miTashauz
LebapChärjev9400036000774,7622,0581,0506,0491,0411,0LELearea according to source BB: 93800 sq.km = 36200 sq.miChardzhou, Leban
MaryMary8700034000859,5678,0631,0684,0663,0622,0MAMcarea according to source BB: 86800 sq.km = 33500 sq.miMaruy
TOTAL:4880001890003714,12970,02759,02360,02293,02159,0some territorial changes took place after 1991 (see figures above)

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