historical demographical data of the administrative division

LOCAL COUNCILprincipal townsurface/sq.kmsurface/sq.mie2002pc1991e1981codecodecodecodeparticularsvariants of the name
Local Council; or: Parish
CarriacouHillsborough26105,65,74,7CCCAthis island is a dependecy; the largest of the Grenadines, the others belong to Saint Vincent
Petite Martinique83PMpopulation figures are included in those of CarriacouLittle Martinique
Saint AndrewGrenville993823,824,322,4SAANAGJ01
Saint David441710,811,010,2SDDADGJ02Saint Davids
Saint George652526,927,429,4SGGEGGJ03includes Glover Island
Saint JohnGouyave35148,68,88,3SJJOJGJ04
Saint MarkVictoria25103,83,94,0SMMAMGJ05
Saint PatrickSauteurs42169,910,110,1SPPAPGJ06includes also some small islands in the Southern Grenadines, among which is Ronde Island
Saint George'sSaint George's4,44,6surface is included in local council of Saint George
TOTAL:Saint George's34413393,895,889,1

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