historical demographical data of the administrative division

PARISHsurface/sq.kmsurface/sq.mie2002pc1991c1981codecodepositionparticularsvariants of the name
unknownthe parishes do not have capitalsin some sources the part "Saint" of the names of the parishes is abbreviated as "St."
Saint Andrew1806911,011,112,7ANDO02
Saint David127496,97,07,3DADO03
Saint George542120,220,420,5GODO04
Saint John59235,05,05,4JNDO05
Saint Joseph120466,26,26,6JHDO06
Saint Luke1141,61,61,5LUDO07
Saint Mark1041,91,91,9MADO08
Saint Patrick84338,88,99,8PKDO09
Saint Paul67267,47,56,4PLDO10
Saint Peter28111,61,61,6PRDO11

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