historical demographical data of the administrative division

PARISHcapitalsurface/sq.kmsurface/sq.mic1990c1980e1938c1921codecodecodepos.particularsvariants of the name
Christ Church572247,140,826,518,3CCCBB01
Saint Andrew36146,36,78,57,7ANABB02
Saint George441717,917,414,512,8GEGBB03
Saint James311221,017,311,59,4JMSBB04
Saint John341310,210,310,59,0JNJBB05
Saint Joseph26107,67,28,57,2JSOBB06
Saint Lucy36149,59,38,57,8LULBB07
Saint Michael391597,5100,070,554,2MIMBB08some sources state Bridgetown as an independent city
Saint Peter341311,310,710,08,5PEEBB09
Saint Philip602320,518,716,014,3PHPBB10
Saint Thomas341311,611,08,07,2THTBB11
TOTAL:Bridgetown431,0166,0260,5249,3193,0156,3there are no official capitals of the parishes

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