SAINT HELENA and dependencies

historical demographical data of the islands

ISLAND / ISLAND GROUPcapital, or principal placesurface/sq.kmsurface/sq.mie2001c1998e1997mre1995dce1993me1990c1988c1987fbe1985e1982e1979c1976oc1972/73e1971e1968c1966me1960c1956c1956e1946c1946e1940e1938c1931e1926c1921e1918e1914e1912c1911e1908e1904c1901c1891e1880c1871c1851c1814e1723e1683codecodepos.particularsvariants of the name
position is given groupwise
AscensionGeorgetown88340,71,11,11,51,01,41,71,61,11,21,20,61,40,50,40,40,30,30,20,20,20,20,30,20,20,10,20,00,0ACSH01nwdiscovered by João da Nova Castella on Ascension Day 1501; noted for sea turtlesWideawake Island
Saint HelenaJamestown122477,35,26,57,05,65,65,95,55,25,15,15,14,84,64,74,94,64,74,74,74,54,03,73,73,64,03,73,53,91,04,15,16,26,93,51,10,5SHSH02cediscovered by João da Nova Castella on 1502-05-21
Inaccesible Island104swbelongs to the group of Tristan da Cunha; home of the rail, a flightless bird
Nightingale Islands21swbelongs to the group of Tristan da Cunha; incl. Stoltenhoff Isl. and Middle Isl.
Gough Island9135swbelongs to the group of Tristan da CunhaDiego Alvarez
Tristan da CunhaEdinburgh98380,30,30,30,00,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30,20,20,20,20,20,20,10,90,10,00,1TASH03swdiscovered 1506; after volcanic eruptions evacuated from 1961-1963
TOTAL:Jamestown4111596,27,98,56,97,37,97,46,66,66,55,96,55,45,45,55,25,25,25,14,84,34,35,05,26,2when there are no populatuon figures known of all the islands there is no total given

Source indicated by "SS": "Statistical year book St Helena and dependencies, ed. 11 (1999).
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