historical demographical data of the urban centers

PLACE NAMEislandvariants of the namee2002e1995c19901988c1980c19801978c1970c1966193619311926particularselevationfound.yrposition
DembeniG011 53S 43 23E
DomoniA14,78,0012 11S 44 30E
FomboniM12,75,67,05,75,44,53,20,80,80,7012 16S 43 44E
FoumbouniG011 53S 43 28E
MitsamiouliG20,13,2011 23S 43 18E
MoroniG42,234,223,422,020,117,316,014,011,55,15,13,2011 43S 43 14E
MutsamuduAMoutsamoudou26,515,020,014,013,010,07,73,03,02,6012 10S 44 24E
N'TsaoueniG011 30S 43 16E
SimaA012 12S 44 17E

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