Terres australes et antarctiques françaises, TAAF :
historical demographical and some other data of the islands and territory

ISLAND, ISLAND GROUP, TERRITORYmain scientific settlementsurface/sq.kmsurface/sq.mie1999e1997e1985e1976?e1968?e1962?codepos.particularsvariants of the name
source:EWSFSYSYSYSYcountry code ISO: TF; FIPS: FS // time zone: +5 UT // overseas territory of France since 1924-11-21
population figures are given in exact numbers, thus not in 1000s
Île d'AmsterdamBase Martin-de-Viviès58220,0170,0200,0400,0370,0300,030AMhighest elevation: Mont de la Dive(s) 881 m // cod & rock lobsterAmsterdam Island, Nouvelle Amsterdam
Île de Saint-Paul830,0000,0000,0000,0000,0000,000SPhighest elevation: Crête de la Novara 268 m // warm springsSaint Paul Island
Îles CrozetBase Alfred-Faure (on Île de la Possession)5151990,0170,0170,0400,0280,0150,015CZarchipelago consists of 5 larger and 15 tiny islandsCrozet Archipelago
Île au Cochons (Îles Crozet)wsurface area 66 = 25,5 sq.mi; highest elevation: nameless peak 853 m
Île de la Possession (Îles Crozet)esurface area 146 = 56 sq.mi; highest elevation: Pic du Mascarin 934 m
Île de l'Est (Îles Crozet)esurface area 115 = 44 sq.mi
Île des Apôtres (Îles Crozet)w
Île des Pingouins (Îles Crozet)w
Îles KerguelenPort-aux-Français (on Grande Terre)721527860,0560,0640,1000,0920,0850,070KGarchipelago consists of 1 large (Grande Terre) and 85 smaller islands and some 200 isletsKerguelen Archipelago, Îles de la Désolation
Grande Terre (Îles Kerguelen)surface area 6675 = 2577 sq.mi; highest elevations: Mount Ross 1850 m, Le Dôme 1049 m
other settlements on the Kerguelen Archipelago may have been vanished: Port Decaen, Port St. Louis
TERRES AUSTRALES (subtotal:)779630100,0900,1010,1800,1570,1300,115around Kerguelen Archipelago there are seals, blue whales; on the islands coal, peat, semiprecious stones
Terre AdélieBase Dumont-d'Urville4320001667950,0270,0270,0300,0340,0270,022ADthis claimed section is an ice-covered plateau with several (mostly nameless) peaks above 2400 mAdélieland
TERRES ANTARCTIQUES (subtotal:)4320001667950,0270,0270,0300,0340,0270,022
TOTAL "TAAF":no main capital4397961698050,1170,1280,2100,1910,1570,137population consists of members of scientific missions, fluctuates according to season (highest in summer)

There are no other separate files - such as general information, total country population or urban settlements - of this combination file of islands and territory.
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