historical demographical data of the islands

ISLANDcapitalsurface/sq.kmsurface/sq.mie1992mc1986me1984mc1980me1979me1977me1976mcodepos.particularsvariants of the name
population figures are given in exact numbers, not in 1000s; detailed surface figures are not available
Home Island0,4460,4140,3760,2940,2850,3190,449HMne
West Island0,1470,2020,2080,1930,1340,1250,095WTwPanjang
other atollsdiversein total some 27 smaller coral islets: Direction I., South I., Horsburgh Islands, North Keeling IslandsDirection Isl. is also called Tikus; Horsburgh Isl. also Luar; and South Isl. also Atas
detailed figures of surface area have not been found yet in sources used by the compiler
TOTAL:Bantam Village14,25,50,5930,6160,5840,4870,4190,4440,544source CG: apart from Home I. and West I. only Direction Island is reported to have some residents

Because there is hardly any important urban settlement there is no separate file made with those data. The sources used do not give enough information of the population of settlements.
File created on 2002.01.27 by Jan Lahmeyer

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