some data of the territory

PARTS of the TERRITORY:capitalsurface/sq.kmsurface/sq.mie1990particularsvariants of the name
British claim consists of territories south of latitude 60S and between longitudes 20W and 80W
Antarctic Peninsulanoneincludes areas south and east of the Weddell Sea
British sector of Antarcticanonethere are some 50 people present in the Antarctic winter, rising to some 150-300 in summer
South Orkney Islandsnone
South Shetland Islandsnone
this territory was created as a British colony on 1962-03-03
TOTAL:none17100006600000,2there is no permanent population, temporary inhabitants are scientists and support personnel

Particulars: there are no separate files containing general information, no figures of population growth of the country, nor of the urban settlements.
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