historical demographical data of the islands and the urban settlement

COMMUNE / ISLANDcapitalsurface/sq.kmsurface/sq.mic1999c1990c1982c1978c1974me1971?c1967jnc19621957e1945myc1936c1931c1921e19111906?e1901codepos.particularsvariants of the name
Île-aux-Marins0,10,6inhabited since 1963Île-aux-Chiens
Langladefigures of area (91 and population are included in MiquelonPetite Miquelon
Miquelon216830,70,70,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,50,60,5MLnwGrande Miquelon
Saint-Pierre26105,65,65,45,25,24,64,64,44,23,84,25,05,8SPseSaint Pierre
TOTAL:Saint-Pierre242936,36,36,05,85,85,25,25,04,84,44,74,33,94,75,66,4dependencies: Grand Colombier, Petit Colombier, Île aux Marins,
Île aux Pigeons, Île aux Vainqueurs, Île aux Moules, Île aux Massacres
URBAN SETTLEMENTthere is no seperate file constructed of the "urban centers", since
Saint-Pierre (town)5,65,05,44,64,03,43,03,03,0Saint-Pierre is the only major town or "urban settlement"

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