historical demographical data of the administrative divisions

ARRONDISSEMENTcapitalsurface/sq.kmsurface/sq.mic1999c1999c1990c1982c1982c1974c1974c1967c1961codepos.particularsvariants of the name
Fort-de-FranceFort-de-France17166166,1166,1164,0155,6155,6147,7147,7139,7120,8FFwcat first this was the only arrondissement, later split into several others
La-TrinitéLa-Trinité40915885,085,078,973,573,577,277,276,772,5TRnesplit from Fort-de-France 1965-09-15La Trinité
Le-MarinLe-Marin338131106,8106,893,378,378,376,776,779,674,7MRsesplit from Fort-de-France 1974-04-26Le Marin
Saint-PierreSaint-Pierre2108121,223,523,323,521,225,623,324,124,1SPnwcreated 1996; split from Fort-de-France

Source "FI" = French Statistical Institute INSEE via www-internet.
Source "SF" is the website of Le SPLAF at "".
File created on 2001-04-11; revised and last modified on 2004-03-22 by Jan Lahmeyer

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