historical demographical data of the administrative division

ARRONDISSEMENTcapitalsurface/sq.kmsurface/sq.mic1999c1990c1982c1974/75c1967c1961codepos.particularsvariants of the name
Saint-BenoîtSaint-Benoît736284101,885,174,366,261,354,0BNesplit from Saint-Denis 1968-10-02
Saint-DenisSaint-Denis423164236,6207,2180,7167,2138,4108,2DNnat first this was the only arrondissement, later split into several othersArrondissement-du-Vent
Saint-PaulSaint-Paul467180138,6113,194,486,375,565,7PLwsplit from Saint-Pierre 1969-09-24
Saint-PierreSaint-Pierre878339229,3192,5166,5156,9141,4121,4PRssplit from Saint-Denis 1964-09-05Arrondissement-sous-le-Vent
not distributed area83area not distributed in an arrondissement
ÎLES ÉPARSES:scattered islets in the Indian Ocean, administrated from Réunion
Bassas da India0,20,1
Île de Juan de Nova4,81,9Juan de Nova Island
Île Europa20,27,8Europa Island
Île Tromelin0,80,3Tromelin Island
Îles Glorieuses4,31,7Glorioso Island
TOTAL of ISLETS:30,311,8these islets have no permanent residential population

Source "SF" is the website of Le SPLAF at "www.splaf.free.fr".
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